The writings of Anirudh "Eka", a poet and software developer passionate about finding peace in here and out there.

Mango Apologies

02 Jun 2017


Another mango drops. Another half hearted apology for the Indian summer. We take what we can get.


19 Apr 2017

A guitarist pulls strings
giving life to a piece of wood
like a puppeteer

I wonder,
Did the tree ever predict it would sing so softly
when the wood cutter was tearing at its side?

Descendants of Fire

28 Jan 2017

Coconut trees launch from the earth like rockets hurtling towards
American fighter jets flying above, but explode prematurely into an
umbrella of branches and leaves. Inside a ring of observers, a monk sits
in lotus position on the street, as another empties a five gallon
canister of petroleum onto him. He lights a match stick over his lap and
let's go.

The hungry little fire chews at the wood as the match plummets towards a
surface full of oil like a bomb over Iraq. Like these places are meant
to burn.

An act of "protest" for the war.

Return to a Slow Death

10 Jan 2017


Sands of the beach slip from our hands into the jaws of the ocean. Black waves, an extension of the night, bite at our faintly glimmering earth.

Return to a slow death as Chennai recovers from the cyclone. As
expected, those who have the kind of carbon footprint that could fit
inside of their shoes were fed first.

Under the Effortless Beauty

18 Jul 2016


Fierce vermillion flowers lazily sprawl across a bed of leaves, chewing on sunshine limelight like royalty swallowing whole songs about their own grandeur.

A palanquin of luxury paraded through Mexican Streets on stiff brown backs that grow from earth they don't have a deed for.

The Problem with Justice

13 Jun 2016

I am not saying someone who visciously attacks us should not be disciplined. But what is most important is that we first take care of the seeds of negativity in ourselves. Then if someone needs to be helped or disciplined, we will do so out of compassion, not anger and retribution.

- Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step

The problem with justice is it often deteriorates into revenge. And revenge is always hungry. They can catch the murderer, sentence her to death, but it still won't bring back the lives of those she's killed. It won't stop the hurt. So we put tougher rules on those that look like the murderer, and live where she lives. We treat those who are innocent as guilty. And one day one of them with all their rightful anger seeks justice, as they see it.

Empty Room

28 Feb 2016

A space to deconstruct the mind.

This is my first attempt at fusing poetry with code. The piece has sound and is best viewed on a computer screen.

Our Last Chance to Save The World

18 Feb 2016

Of all the issues debated in the 2016 Presidential Race, climate change is of an entirely different class. Most scientists agree climate change is an existential threat with a non-negotiable deadline that is approaching in a matter of years. But what makes it unique is it shares it's urgency with nearly all the other issues on the table.

Getting Started with Hexo

09 Feb 2016

Hexo is a cool new static site generator that seems to be solving some of the pain points I've faced with Jekyll. However, I noticed the documentation is unclear (at least for me) on how to work with an existing Hexo site on GitHub. Here is what worked for me.

Purescript Reference: Pattern Matching

27 Jan 2016

This is a reference guide for how Purescript pattern matching works. Almost all of it was distilled from PureScript by Example by Phil Freeman the original developer of the Purescript compiler. I highly recommend reading it for in depth stuff. This is just for reference.

Maps Are Folds

10 Jul 2015

To kill time as I waited for my flight in the Yangon international airport, where all great revelations happen, I was working on a coding challenge in Haskell when I stumbled on this discovery.

Studying The Heart

16 May 2015

I'm studying my heart
and digesting my name

I'm taking borders apart
putting my pride to shame

I've been a shell of myself
but it's the season of change

Aint no reason for doubt,
this is when a moth meets its flames

Too Thousand and Fifteen

10 Jan 2015

I don't typically make New Years resolutions, but this year I vow to meditate daily. I'm starting to realize that intellectually understanding how cravings and aversions cause suffering will not by itself deliver me to mindfulness. It must be experienced.

Time In a Pot

01 Dec 2014

It used to bother me when people said don't waste time. I thought it couldn't coexist with living in the present. I interpreted it as being excessively goal oriented and impatient when things aren't working.


03 Nov 2014

His toe floats closer to God than his grandmother’s prayers have ever reached. He is flying before he can walk. He is crossing oceans before he has taken his first step. His tummy grumbles.

The other airplane passengers fill the cabin with the smell of his grandmother’s cooking. They are like spices in the belly of an adventurous bird that must be cursing at itself for gorging on Indian food before traveling half way across the world.

The pungent pilgrims are just as eager as the bird to be defecated onto America: the land of the water fountain. Enveloped in a milky moonlight, they sail through hills of cotton searching for comfort.

Through the window the baby’s mother watches the moon run with them, perhaps because it is also not full. She is worried again. Did she make the right choice? Do they have rice in America? Will they see a better life?

Doubt is the irritating reminder that God keeps secrets. Even from the faithful.

Goodbye Facebook

09 Jun 2014

I am finally leaving Facebook. I've been wrapped up in this world for nearly my entire adult life. I signed up in high school, back when you still had to be invited. When I left home to discover the bigger world, Facebook remained my autobiographer, my loyal friend who would listen and let me present myself as I wanted to. It served the benign purpose of letting me stay in touch with the people I've met on this journey. But what is staying in touch?

My Graduate Degree

13 Mar 2014

Ten months ago I was reaching the end of my second year as an Economics Research Assistant and was facing the question of whether I should go to graduate school. I looked at a few programs, but I couldn't bring myself to write the college essays. I didn't want go selling myself again so that a bunch of folks can decide to give me the privilege to pay them.

Tension between the Individual and Collective

26 Feb 2014

There is a tension between the individual and the collective. I don’t just mean between capitalism and socialism. I mean between following the heart and following what community asks. Whether on the topic of marriage or career, the individual must always consider the family interests. It is a tension between what you owe to yourself and what you owe to others.

Mansion Is A Prison

21 Jan 2014

Don’t sell yourself, give

yourself, If you cost nothing

Then are you not free?