Tension between the Individual and Collective

26 Feb 2014

There is a tension between the individual and the collective. I don’t just mean between capitalism and socialism. I mean between following the heart and following what community asks. Whether on the topic of marriage or career, the individual must always consider the family interests. It is a tension between what you owe to yourself and what you owe to others.


But what is this heart we follow? Is it the heart that is myopic, that chases every desire and vanity? Is it the one that will always put its own interests over its faithfulness to another?

Or is the heart something else? Is it the one that knows its pulse? Is it the one that seeks self-actualization? Is it the one that if suppressed will chip away at a person’s passion to live? Does that heart even exist?

This was originally posted on my old blog. I am in the process of migrating some of my favorite posts over to this new blog