Time In a Pot

01 Dec 2014

It used to bother me when people said don't waste time. I thought it couldn't coexist with living in the present. I interpreted it as being excessively goal oriented and impatient when things aren't working.


But it doesn't have to mean that. Lately I've been thinking of time as water in a pot. Wasting time is letting it trickle away on frivolous and fleeting things.

Focus establishes the sturdiness of the container. If you have weak focus the pot will leak. You will loose time. Time you wanted to pour into something worth while, like the present moment.

the way the pot crumbles

The pot cracks in almost the same pattern each time. Something catches my attention, a craving takes hold, a fantasy begins to unfold, and I begin to resent my current situation. Or it begins the opposite way, starting with an aversion.

Regardless of how it begins, my mind oscilates endlessly from craving to aversion, to craving again. In Buddhism, craving and aversion are two of the three poisons that cause suffering. They control my actions and thoughts as they incessently toss me between them.

It's exhausting.

I am becoming more observant of these patterns as they form and spread. I feel unaccomplished regardless of all that I do because I bring them my attention in a leaking pot.

In my opinion, there is nothing more worthy of my time than discovering why I feel like I never have enough.