Studying The Heart

16 May 2015

I'm studying my heart
and digesting my name

I'm taking borders apart
putting my pride to shame

I've been a shell of myself
but it's the season of change

Aint no reason for doubt,
this is when a moth meets its flames

when a perfectionist dies
so the perfection remains

like this universe was beautiful
before I ever came

I've got nothin to claim
not even the place where I stay

because if you give a fish
a bowl you take its ocean away

if they asked what I've learned
tell em its as simple as this

anger is just fear
clenched in a fist

Learning to let go
is what it means to resist

I've learned to love myself fully
and not just for the positive things

For When I grew wings,
they said they were proud.

They adorned them in jewels so heavy
I could never leave the ground.

That's why I'd rather be a pidgin than a peacock,
A feather too many, is too heavy for me

Don't sweeten my air with sugar,
because I like it when I can breath

a feather could be a tether
just as much as it is a key

It's better to give it to someone with lesser
than letting it hold me down by my greed

Cuz the fruits that I eat,
are the product of someone else's hard work

I've learned, that the guilt of privilege hurts,
ignorance is the most painful of losses

But it doesn't compare to the pain
the cost of that privilege causes

Compassion can build solidarity
pity is a narrow way to feel tall

If you grow like a red wood,
you may scrape the sun for a moment,
but you are destined to fall

But, if you grow like a banyan tree,
in every leaf in the forest
you feel the light through us all

I've learned, the furthest you can travel
is to the corners of your mind

Genius is not something you have,
But it is something that you find

But most of all, I've learned,
I was never a poet
in all that I've written

I've just been trying to interpret
the metaphor that we live in

So to all I've been given,
Since my journey's begun

Every stroke of my pen
Every breath in my lung

Is a thank you
in the voice of the dumb